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  • “Symmetry is the ultimate goal,” architect Chakib Richani says of the apartment he conceived for fashion designer Elie Saab in Paris. Elie Saab

    Opulence and Masculinity Merge in the Fashion Designer’s Paris Apartment
    Architectural Digest

  • Audi Forum Welcome Home Audi Forum Welcome Home

    commissioned by Architectural Digest

  • In the studio, designers collaborate on concepts for the Cross Pro RS mountain bike as well as The Audi Collection, which consists of accessories ranging from golf bags and scale models to clothing and luggage. Audi’s Design Hub

    The Wheels of Invention Turn at the Automaker’s Munich Concept Center
    Architectural Digest

  • Finger C's headlamp/taillamp design area. Piano devised an open plan to promote communication and creativity. Forward Thinking

    A Design Center by Renzo Piano Exemplifies a New Era for Mercedes-Benz
    Architectural Digest

  • Lord March, photo courtesy of The Telegraph Rolls-Royce is Reborn

    Lord March Gives Rolls-Royce a New Home on the Goodwood Estate
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  • In the model shop, located within the Design Center, a technician creates taillight reflectors for a prototype vehicle by heating acrylic sheets and molding them over a wood form. Lexus’s Global Push

    The Emphasis Is on Originality at the Automaker’s New Design Center
    Architectural Digest