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  • Record  In February the Grand Palais in Paris was the scene of the Christie’s sale of the Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé collection. The proceeds benefited Saint Laurent and Bergé’s foundation. Paris’ Sale of the Century

    Inside the Christie’s Auction of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s Collection
    Architectural Digest, Cover Story

  • “Symmetry is the ultimate goal,” architect Chakib Richani says of the apartment he conceived for fashion designer Elie Saab in Paris. Elie Saab

    Opulence and Masculinity Merge in the Fashion Designer’s Paris Apartment
    Architectural Digest

  • passport photo: His Holiness the Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama

    An audience with His Holiness

  • Bhogilal's 1934 3.5-liter Bentley, above in Bombay. Mr. Bhogilal’s Used Car Lot

    The elusive Bombay industrialist owns 200 vintage and classic cars. He uses them all, too.
    Town & Country

  • Jeanne Moreau: the ultimate French star. Photo credit: Chris Alexander. Jeanne Moreau

    Film: the ultimate French star

  • Ina and Andy Warhol at the Factory circa 1984. Being … Ina

    Her son, Mark, recounts how this stylish, inquisitive, and sharp-minded Viennese helped lay the foundation for Washington and Hollywood’s ongoing love affair.
    Washington Life Magazine

  • "It's so boring to sit in anything else," says Sutherland. Donald Sutherland

    Ferrari Safari: Actor Donald Sutherland tracks down his favorite auto outside Milan
    Vanity Fair

  • A reunion of woman and machine: Rigg remains glamorous and British to the core, while the Elan goes multinational. Diana Rigg

    Mrs. Peel’s Wheels: Diana Rigg takes a spin in the new Lotus Elan, a high-tech version of her Avengers sports car.
    Vanity Fair

  • "It's the kind of car that lures you into sporty driving," Weir said after spending time with the Carrera 2 Tiptronic. Bob Weir

    A bisexual Porsche: The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir gets down in the new Carrera 2 with a Tiptronic Dual Function transmission
    Vanity Fair

  • Luciano Benetton and his son Mauro with the 500SL. Only the image is conservative. The Benettons

    La Dolce Two-Seater: The Benettons play around in a Mercedes 500SL
    Vanity Fair

  • Lang with her dog, Jillian, in the Chevrolet 454 SS on the waterfront in Vancouver, B.C. k. d. lang

    Truckin’: Country singer k. d. lang burns rubber in a hot new Chevrolet pickup
    Vanity Fair

  • Paloma Bailey's dad loves cars, and this one is nearly perfect. David Bailey

    Fast Film: Porsche comes to shove for photographer David Bailey
    Vanity Fair

  • "In a dream world, where all wishes come true, I would have a Rolls and someone to drive me." Irene Worth

    Worth the Trip: Irene Worth and two Rolls-Royces, naturally
    Vanity Fair

  • Jackie Collins on the Reatta: "It's a car for rock stars on the way up." Jackie Collins

    Hollywood Drives: Novelist Jackie Collins prowls Sunset Boulevard in the Buick Reatta
    Vanity Fair

  • "People would expect me to buy a Ferrari or a big Cadillac. I'm not going to do that...The 780 is a great car. The stereo is great." Spike Lee

    He’s Gotta Have It: Spike Lee, Brooklyn’s answer to Orson Welles, gets seduced by the Volvo 780 Coupe
    Vanity Fair

  • Ferrari Frolic! When the GTO turned 25, the wine flowed for a week. The Flawed Frolic of the Ferrari GTO

    Touring in a race car is not grand, even if it is the model’s 25th anniversary
    Autoweek (Cover Story)